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Welcome back to another school year.  Our staff has worked diligently to get all of our SIX schools open this summer.  Forest Hill Elementary School is incredible and I hope you can make time to stop by our new addition.  I know it was difficult for staff in many buildings and I want to kick off our very first GMSD Staff Newsletter with a note of gratitude for your dedication to a successful school opening.  

Jason Manuel, Superintendent



'Employee Relations' on Anonymous Alerts.

As the school year begins it's a good time to remind our staff about our anonymous reporting system.  The alerts noted as "EMPLOYEE RELATIONS" are sent to directly to Human Resources and are handled quickly and discreetly.  Examples of reports could include; witnessing or experiencing theft/fraud, harassment, retaliation, or reporting a colleague coming to work under the influence.  Under the 2018 TN Teacher Code of Ethics, it is a requirement to report offenses of these types within 30 days.  Anonymous Alerts will protect your identity and open a two-way dialogue with our HR department.  To protect yourself, you can take a screenshot of the report and keep in a safe file.


Access Anonymous Alerts Here



Top Staff Features

Jessica Minton: NEA celebrates local teacher with California Casualty Award

Reese Kougher: Awarded Higher Education Student of the Year by TAEA

John Kennon:  Ushers Honors Organic Chemistry to HHS

Cathy Jones: Harvest Houston planting seeds for students with disabilities

Lindsey McKinney: Breathes fire in a lab safety lesson that's lit

Melissa Cychowski:  Raises funds to purchase 3-D Ceramic Printer

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Top Stories

Houston Middle is bold and back with a positive message for stakeholders

FES models empathy by showing support for one of its own students

Schools celebrated Reward Status in unique ways, like this Dolphin Dance Party

Houston student explores if the world is flat at this weekend's Indie Memphis Film Showcase

Dogwood PE classes learn about respecting personal space through a fun game

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The District Update 

GMSD was able to complete $42 million in capital improvements over the summer.  Explore our monthly report which details the improvements and investments made at every school--from the RES boiler/chiller replacement, the new security enhancements at HHS, or the bathroom renovations at FES and DES.  The report also includes enrollment data from each school. Read the report here.



Video Clip of the Month

Don't have time to check out Forest Hill Elementary School in person?  Watch this 8-minute documentary about the school and the theory behind its design.


SEPT 2019

Looking for something to do in September?  From Mustang Football Games to Bingo with Grandparents, there's a lot going on across the district.  Are your events listed for September on the District Master Calendar?



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