Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements and Elective Focus

Tennessee Diploma Project

Students beginning high school after the fall 2009 will begin a new path with increased graduation requirements from 20 to 22 credits, a focus on the skills needed for college and the workforce in an ever expanding global economy, and new assessments.

Gateway Exams in high school will be replaced by end-of-course exams that truly test the mastery of expectations leading to college and/or work readiness. The overall assessment system includes the ACT, Explore (given in the 8th grade), and the PLAN College Readiness test given in the 10th Grade.

Tennessee Graduation Requirements

Requirements for Students Beginning High School after Fall 2009
Total Credits Required: 22
Math: 4 Credits Including Algebra I, II, Geometry and a fourth higher level math course.
Science: 3 Credits Including Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, and a third lab course.
English: 4 Credits
Social Studies: 3 Credits
Physical Education and Wellness: 1.5 Credits
Personal Finance: .5 Credits

Foreign Language: 2 Credits

Fine Arts: 1 Credit

Elective Focus: 3 Credits

Students must take English and Mathematics each year in high school. Therefore, students taking Physical Science and/or Algebra I in the 8th grade, must take an additional 4 units of mathematics and 3 units of science in high school.

Focus Plan of Study (Elective Focus)

(Each student must choose one plan of study)

*Science and Math
*Liberal Arts
*Career and Technical (CTE)
*Fine Arts
*Advanced Placement (AP)

Science and Math
Each student will take 4 math classes in high school even if they took Algebra 1 in the 8th grade. Each student will take 3 science classes in high school even if they took Physical Science in the 8th grade. To have science and math as a focus, a student would then choose a combination of 3 or more additional credits from the science and math sections of the Course Catalog. Physical science and Algebra 1 taken in the 8th grade may count as credits in this focus.

Liberal Arts
Students will take 3 credits of Social Studies in addition to World Geography or World History , Government, and Economics. To have a liberal arts focus, a student would then choose 3 or more additional credits from the classes in the Social Studies section of the Course Catalog, African American Literature, Creative Writing, Honors Humanities, Etymology, and an additional Foreign Language above the two units required for graduation.

Career and Technical Education
Students may earn three credits in one of the following tech areas: Architecture & Design, Business Management & Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Finance, Health & Biomedical Science, Horticulture Science, Human Studies, Information Technology, Marketing Sales & Service.

Fine Arts
Fine Arts credits may be earned in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, or Theatre Arts. If a student chooses Arts as a program of study, he or she must earn three credits in addition to the 1 credit that is required for every graduate.

Advanced Placement
A total of three AP credits will satisfy the requirements for this Program of Study.The AP credits are exclusive of the required courses for graduation. The guidance office has a list of accepted courses.

Journalism credits can be earned in Newspaper, Yearbook, or Literary Journalism. A total of 3 Journalism credits will satisfy the requirements for this Program of Study.

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