HHS Road to Reopen Plans

Houston High School Road to Reopen Plans: Part I

Houston High School will be continuing to add important updates that are specific to our school.  Communication will be sent out everytime the plan is updated. Please use the Let's Talk: A COVID Response Center to send Houston High School your questions, comments, and concerns.  The system will quickly put you in touch with the right staff member.
Student Cohorts/Tentative Information
Our staff is working to develop the two cohorts who will attend on in-person learning days.  We are using the alphabet to make these determinations, along with some exceptions for AP/speciality courses (in which there are a limited number of people enrolled) or other student services (IEPs, ILPs, 504s).  Once we’ve finalized student schedules, we will send out the assignments and provide a method for feedback from families:

Mondays and Wednesdays (A-K) 
Tuesday and Thursdays (L-Z)
*This division is meant to be tentative and to assist parents with an idea of the cohorts are being formed. 
Schedule Pick Up Virtual Event
Thank you for participating in the online course verification process for 10th-12th graders on May 19th and for 9th graders on July 8th.  The course requests are no longer viewable in Skyward as the master schedule is being built. Class sizes are being set to follow social distancing guidelines, so we will not be able to approve additional requests for course/schedule changes. 

We look forward to sharing each student’s final schedule through our Virtual Schedule Pick-Up (Date TBD).  On that date, Houston High School will send directions for accessing your child’s schedule using Skyward Family Access.  At that time, students with incomplete schedules, duplicate classes, or missing graduation requirements contact their grade level counselor to ensure that they have a complete schedule on the first day of school.

Our teachers are preparing brief Meet-the-Teacher videos to post to their Schoology page to introduce themselves to each class and provide an overview of the course. 
Adjusted Arrival Procedures
The building will be open to students at 7:10 am.  Students being dropped off in the Auditorium Loop will enter the building through the Gym/Auditorium Lobby on the Southeast side of the building.  Students will not be allowed to go to classrooms until 7:30 am.  Students entering the building from 7:10 am to 7:30 am will be held in the auditorium and the varsity gym.  Both areas will have seating marked to allow for social distancing.  Bus riders will be held in the cafeteria until they are released to their classrooms.  Seating will be marked to allow for social distancing.  Students entering from the West student parking lot will enter through the gates and go to the Varsity Gym if they arrive before the 7:30 am release to classes.  We strongly encourage students to not enter the building until 7:30 am.
Adjusted Dismissal Procedures
Students will continue to dismiss is at 2:45 pm in a socially distanced method.  Students are asked to leave the facility by 3:00 pm, unless they are participating in a supervised after school activity with a staff member in which social distancing and safety protocols will be observed.  
Adjusted Procedures for Parents Who Need to Visit the Front Office
During school hours, all campus visitors and tardy students should enter through the Main Entrance on the East side of the building.  Face masks should be worn by individuals upon entering the building.  Parents do not need to enter the building to sign in tardy students.  Please send a note with the late student.  Specific details for signing in will be sent to families from our Attendance Office.  Parents may bring forgotten items for students. These items can be placed on the shelf just inside the door to the right side as they enter.  Individuals should contact the nurse to arrange medication drop off.  
Adjusted Breakfast Procedures
Breakfast will continue to be available in the cafeteria in the mornings.  Students in the cafeteria will adhere to Social Distancing rules. Once students are released to classrooms, they will be allowed to take the food to the classrooms.   Car riders entering the building through the auditorium lobby will be able to purchase breakfast items from the concession stand in the lobby.  

Quarantine Room Location
The nurse’s area has been expanded to allow for a Quarantine Area for any students or staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. 
Locker Procedures
Lockers will not be utilized.  If issues arise, Dr. Thomas Suchman should be contacted.
Social Distancing Plan During Class Transitions
Transitions will have staggered release between class periods to reduce the number of students in the hallways.  Students will have the opportunity to use the restroom and wash hands during this time.  Students traveling through the halls should stay on the right side of the halls.  Stairs will be designated as Up Only or Down Only.  

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