HMS Road to Reopen Plan

Houston Middle School Road to Reopen Plans: Part I

Houston Middle School will be continuing to add important updates that are specific to our school.  Communication will be sent out everytime the plan is updated. Please use the Let's Talk: A COVID Response Center to send Houston Middle School your questions, comments, and concerns.  The system will quickly put you in touch with the right staff member.
Student Cohorts/Tentative Information
6th Graders
Houston Middle School will practice social distancing in all classrooms. This will mean a modified schedule to ensure smaller class sizes. Our students will receive academic instruction and MAPS every day. Our administration is watching the numbers of students in sixth grade level that are choosing the full-time virtual learning program.  The application for opting into the full-time virtual option (for all grade levels) is July 20th.  These numbers will be used to select our plans.  We appreciate your patience as we work to adjust our schedules. 
7th-8th Graders 
Our staff is working to develop the two cohorts who will attend on in-person learning days.  We are using the alphabet to make these determinations, along with some exceptions or other students being served by (IEPs, ILPs, 504s) who may attend with an alternative schedule.  Once we’ve finalized student schedules, we will send out the assignments and provide a method for feedback from families:

Mondays and Wednesdays (A-K) 
Tuesday and Thursdays (L-Z)
*This division is meant to be tentative and to assist parents with an idea of the cohorts are being formed. 
Schedule Pick Up Virtual Event
Class sizes are being set to follow social distancing guidelines.  We look forward to sharing each student’s final schedule through a Virtual Schedule Pick-Up Event (Date TBD).  On that date, Houston Middle School will send directions for accessing your child’s schedule using Skyward Family Access.  Students with incomplete schedules or duplicate classes will contact Michael Ruiz to ensure that they have a complete schedule on the first day of school.

Our teachers are preparing brief Meet-the-Teacher videos to post to their Schoology page to introduce themselves to each class and provide an overview of their class.
Adjusted Arrival Procedures

Our staff will stagger the unloading of buses.
Students will enter the building through multiple entrances. A mask is required during arrival.
    Car riders enter through the teacher parking lot door, 200 hall door, 300 hall door or the front door.                                                           
    Walkers enter through the front door.
    Bus riders will enter through the back door, cafeteria door, or 100 hall door as directed. 
Arrival time 7:30-8:00. Building opens at 7:30 am. No drop offs prior to 7:30 please.
Early arrival students must report to the gym if arriving from 7:30-7:45am. 
    Bleachers will be marked for 6’ social distancing. 
    Students will report to their homerooms at 7:45 am.
Social Distancing markers and guidelines will posted throughout the hallways. 
The main corridor will be one way only. Footprint markings throughout the main corridor for social distancing.
Students are asked to stay to the right in hallways during transitions.
Please click here to view more about our other regular arrival procedures that will be observed.

Adjusted Dismissal Procedures
Our social distance plan for dismissal includes:
Staggered dismissal times for bus riders, car riders, and walkers. A mask is required at dismissal.Students dismiss from multiple exits:
     Buses- back door or 100 hall door.
     Cars-200 hall or 300 hall door.
     Walkers-front door.
6’ separation will be enforced as students wait for their car.
Please click here to view more about our other regular dismissal procedures that will be observed.

Adjusted Procedures for Parents Who Need to Visit the Front Office
Parents checking their child out for a doctor’s appointment or checking in their child for being late will come to the front door. 
Drivers license will continue to be required for identification purposes when checking out your child.
Masks are required.
Adjusted Breakfast Procedures
Breakfast will continue to be available in the cafeteria in the mornings.  Visual signage for social distancing will be in place.  Grab and go breakfast meals will also available in the cafeteria to take to the classroom.

Quarantine Room Location
The stage in the cafeteria will be closed off to create a Quarantine Area for any students or staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. 
Locker Procedures
Lockers will not be used or for special circumstances only.
Social Distancing Plan During Class Transitions
Transitions will have staggered five minute release times between class periods to reduce the number of students in the hallways.   Students traveling through the halls should stay on the right side of the halls.  Our staff will create markings on the lockers as a visual cue for 6' distancing.  Our main hallway will be one-way only. 
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