Interest Survey on Increasing In-Person Learning Opportunities

Dear Mustang Families,

The district is investigating increasing the opportunities for our high schoolers to attend additional in-person days.  Using second-semester enrollment numbers, the administration has been completing an analysis of classroom spaces, student enrollment by sections, and class periods.  Here are the numbers from these findings:

Using six-foot social distancing, a maximum capacity was calculated for each classroom, which on average is 17 students.  The chart above displays the number of students that would not fit in their scheduled classrooms using six feet of social distancing.  These students would be displaced from traditional classrooms--zooming into their regular classes from an alternate location/learning hub, similar to strategies used in our middle school settings.  While this method has been successful for our middle school learners, the beyond capacity numbers were significantly lower (on average 20-30 students displaced per period).  Logistically, alternative locations/learning hubs with 181-277 students per class period may not be feasible.

Another option that the district is considering would be to amend our procedure on six feet of social distancing at all times to six feet of social distancing to the extent feasible.

The administration recognizes that many families selected in-person learning based on the existing safety protocols.  If the district were to alter its six-feet social distance procedure, parents with students currently enrolled in our in-person learning will have the opportunity to move to full-time virtual instruction.  Families would not be able to switch from full-time virtual to the in-person option.  

We are asking all in-person/hybrid learners to complete the survey below with the understanding that no decisions have been made.  You will be asked if you would intend to continue with in-person learning or migrate to full-virtual learning if the district modifies its six-foot social distancing procedures.

This survey is NOT intended to formalize any transitions.  We will provide updates to families as we continue in our mission to increase opportunities for students to attend in-person school.  The district does not anticipate making any changes before Spring Break.  

If you have questions or concerns, please utilize our Let's Talk Platform with Interest Survey on Increasing In-Person Learning Opportunities in the subject line.  

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