Mission Statement

HMS Vision, Mission, and Values Statements


Houston Middle School envisions itself as a school that inspires and facilitates student growth while making learning relevant to life experiences. Students will also take ownership in the school and perform to the best of their ability while being engaged in the learning process.



In order for our students to grow academically and socially, it is the mission of Houston Middle School to engage students in meaningful learning experiences that build confidence. The role of the faculty and staff is to facilitate student learning, and together with their parents/guardians to guide our students in becoming well-rounded contributors to society



1.  All students learn and achieve in different ways within a safe learning environment that provides age-appropriate challenges and opportunities.

2. Setting and helping students achieve high goals increases their desire to succeed and fulfill their potential.

3.  Stakeholders share the responsibility to meet the educational needs of each student through collaboration of curriculum, instruction and assessment practices.

4. A collective partnership between school and community promotes confident responsible students.


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