What To Do If You Have A Concern

In general parents should follow the following chain of command.

Though the faculty and administration make every effort to avoid problems, parents and students will occasionally disagree with the decisions that are made in regard to discipline or grades. In most cases, problems can be resolved when parents speak to the person who is directly responsible for decisions that have been made concerning a student. The appropriate channel for help with a concern is teacher or sponsor – school counselor - assistant principal – principal – Central Administration.

Individual Teachers:
• Classroom Concerns
• Assignments
• Make-up Work
• Academic Progress
• Improvement or Decline in Student Performance
• Grade Concerns
• Grading Policy or Related Questions
• Classroom Behavior
• Teacher-Assigned Detentions

Group of Teachers:
• Parent Conferences
• Special Projects

School Counselors: (Mrs. Christian 6th-8th, A-K, and Ms. Lang 6th-8th, L-Z)
• General Academic Concerns
• Social or Emotional Concerns
• Attendance Concerns
• Non-Violent Peer Conflicts

Assistant Principal:
• Scheduling Concerns
• Discipline Concerns
• Special Education Concerns
• Curriculum Concerns

• Curriculum Concerns
• Discipline Concerns
• Staff Concerns

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