Riverdale Road to Reopen Plans

Riverdale Road to Open Plans: Part 1

Riverdale School will be continuing to add important updates that are specific to our school.  Communication will be sent out everytime the plan is updated. Please use the Let's Talk: A COVID Response Center to send RES your questions, comments, and concerns.  The system will quickly put you in touch with the right staff member.
Classroom Social Distancing Plan 
Kindergarten - 6th Grade 
Riverdale will practice social distancing in all classrooms. This will mean a modified schedule for to ensure smaller class sizes. Our students will receive academic instruction and MAPS every day. Our administration is watching the numbers of students in each grade level that are choosing the full-time virtual learning program.  These numbers will be used to finalize our plans.  We appreciate your patience as we work to adjust our schedules.
7th-8th Graders
Our staff is working to develop the two cohorts who will attend on in-person learning days.  We are using the alphabet to make these determinations, along with some exceptions or other students being served by (IEPs, ILPs, 504s) who may attend with an alternative schedule.  Once we’ve finalized student schedules, we will send out the assignments and provide a method for feedback from families:

Mondays and Wednesdays (A-K)
Tuesday and Thursdays (L-Z)
*This division is meant to be tentative and to assist parents with an idea of the cohorts are being formed.
Virtual Meet the Teacher Event
There will not be a traditional Meet The Teacher/Supply Drop Off event this year.  In grades K-5, teachers will make phone calls to welcome their students.  In grades 6-8, student schedules will be accessible in Skyward.  Detailed instructions on how to view schedules will be communicated.  In all grade levels, homerooms will participate in a virtual welcome meeting prior to the start of school.  The date and times for this are TBA.  Student supplies may be brought to school by students over the period of the first few days of school.  All supplies do not have to be brought on the first day.  Any pre-purchased school supply boxes will be delivered to the student’s assigned homeroom.
Adjusted Arrival Procedures

Visual signage, including floor stickers, will be used to help provide examples of social distancing.  These will be found in all common spaces, hallways, restrooms, and high-traffic areas.  Signs reminding of proper mask usage will be utilized.
Early-arriving students will be allowed in the building starting at 8:00 each morning.  These students will be assigned to a holding area based on their grade level.  K-2nd students will be using the cafeteria and will be seated a safe social distance apart.  3rd-4th grade students will wait in the Multipurpose Room and be seated at a safe social distance.  5th-8th grade students will wait in Gym A and be seated at a safe social distance.  Staff will be assigned to each of these locations to monitor students.  Students will begin being dismissed to their homerooms at 8:15 in a staggered manner to ensure social distancing.

Adjusted Dismissal Procedures
Visual signage including floor stiers will be used to remind students and staff of proper social distancing.  
Students enrolled in REACH programming and Day Care Bus/Van riders will be released prior to the bell via a school-wide PA announcement.  Day Care riders and REACH students will be escorted by staff in grades K and 1.  PA announcements will be made to have car riders transition to their designated holding areas for dismissal.  Middle school car riders will wait in the middle school hallway and be properly socially distanced.  Elementary students will wait in GYM A and be properly socially distanced.  Riverdale will utilize a number system for daily dismissal of car riders.  Bus riders will remain in assigned grade-level classrooms awaiting their assigned/called bus.  Adults will travel with bus groups to the buses as buses are called.  Appropriate social distancing will be achieved by staggering bus loading.  Walkers and bikers will be dismissed at the 3:30 bell.

Adjusted Procedures for Parents Who Need to Visit the Front Office
Student Check-In/Out:  Parents may check their students in and out through the front desk receptionist, Denise Carter.  Floor markers/signage will be utilized to encourage social distancing in the lobby area.  Seating will be both limited and socially distanced in the lobby area.  Masks must be worn in the lobby area.

Student Items:  Items dropped off for students may be left on the table in the outer lobby area.  
Breakfast Procedures
Breakfast will be distributed as a grab-and-go from just outside the serving line area of the cafeteria.  Staff will assist students with social distancing and other needs.  Students will purchase breakfast and eat in their classrooms.  Classroom teachers will ensure safety in regard to potential allergen exposure.

Quarantine Room Location
For students and staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, a quarantine room will be established to limit the spread of suspected illness.  This room will be staffed with school personnel if students are sent to the office with symptoms.  Students will be screened and, if needed, they will remain in this room until someone is able to pick them up from school.
Locker Procedures
Lockers will not be used.  

Social Distancing Plan During Class Transitions
In grades K-5, students will remain in their assigned classrooms during instruction.  In grade levels that are departmentalized (grades 3-5), teachers will rotate to classrooms to deliver instruction while students remain in their assigned homeroom classrooms in order to reduce hallway traffic.  Staff will ensure proper social distancing/mask usage is followed during transitions to/from MAPS classes.  
Grades 6-8 will have a staggered dismissal from each class and will utilize one-way hallways.  Staff will monitor transitions to ensure students are following social distancing protocols/mask usage.  Floor signage will be utilized to show proper distancing.
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