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First Week of School Frequently Asked Questions

August 19, 2020

GMSD Families,

Thank you for partnering with us to open our schools both virtually and in-person.  Please continue to reach out to our district team with your questions via our Let's Talk App.  This week, we are releasing another public service announcement about COVID-19 symptoms and an important reminder to complete our Daily Skyward Wellness Screening Tool.  Please view the video and these General Health Guidelines from our Student Services Department.

GMSD General Health Guidelines 

Do parents need to complete a Daily Wellness Screening for students who will NOT be physically on campus? 
No.  Only students who are attending school in-person, or otherwise coming onto campus for an after school activity need to complete the daily screening.

If my middle school or high school child is able, are they allowed to complete the screening themselves? 
Yes.  The feature is available in Skyward Student Access.     


How/when will GMSD communicate with parents and staff in regards to positive COVID cases? 
If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID, all close contacts will receive letters via text and email through our rapid notification system requesting them to transition to distance learning for a specified period.

According to the TN Health Department, a close contact is defined as anyone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 10 minutes starting from 48 hours before the person began feeling sick until the time the patient was isolated. 

We will protect the identity of reported cases, per privacy laws, but will simultaneously operate under full transparency with parents and staff about the occurrence of positive COVID cases. Out of an abundance of caution, any cases in the building will be reported to all families and staff so that they can continue vigilance in their daily wellness screenings and immediately transition to distance learning if symptoms should occur.  

I am not receiving text messages.  Do I need to complete any additional actions to the ones listed above? 
Yes.  Once you've checked your information in the Skyward Family Access Portal, you need to text "Y" to the number 675-87 to opt-in your mobile phone.  The system will reply with a confirmation message.

I am getting too many GMSD notifications--or not any at all.  How can I control the method of communication in Skyward? 
The district reset the 'blocked' list in our rapid notification system yesterday.  In the event of any future health alerts, we want to make sure that parents are receiving our emails and text messages.  Families have the ability, however, to toggle how they receive notifications.  They can, for example, disable phone messages or text messages for non-emergency communications.  Use this Step-by-step Guide to choose what is best for your family.  The choices will affect both district and school-level communications.

Does GMSD provide a dashboard of helpful links for families?   
Yes.  Please click here to see our Symbaloo.  We also find our Blended Learning Site to be very helpful for parents and students.

GMSD Blended Learning 


How do parents log into Schoology? 
Parents will use the email address that is associated with their Skyward Family Access account to log into Use the forgot password link to get your password. You can find more info at under the New Student Guide.

How can a parent help their child log into the student Schoology account? 
Students have a different procedure for logging into Schoology than a parent. Please see our login help sheet that was emailed last Thursday.

What tips do you have for using Zoom? 
Once students open a zoom meeting link, they may need to click “Join” in order to enter the meeting. Students should not attempt to log into Zoom.

Where does my child get the apps they need for their iPad? 
There is an App Portal on the iPads that should contain the apps needed. If you have not already, please install Zoom and Schoology from the App Portal. It typically takes a few minutes for the app to install. For more information, refer to the guide that was sent out Thursday.

Is my child able to print at home from their school device? 
Students can print from their iPad or MacBook if there is an AirPrint compatible printer on the same network. Chromebooks are compatible with Google Cloud Print. The easiest way to print would be to access the needed material from a home computer that is already connected to a printer.

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