School Activities

 Any clubs not represented on this website should have a Schoology group page. Contact the club sponser listed below for more information.







 7th & 8th graders who work on community projects and school events.


 Room 100

 Battle of the Books

 6th, 7th, & 8th graders who love to read and compete against other middle schools.



 Best Buddies

 Students in general education and special education classes meet new people, participate in group activities which help build an inclusive school culture.


Room 202 

 Beta Club

 7th & 8th graders who have a minumum GPA of 3.5 in core subjects.


Room 117


 A student led-community service organization for middle school students.



 Calligraphy & Lettering

 Students interested in calligraphy and other forms of lettering styles.


2nd Tuesday
Room 308 


 Students interested in playing chess.


Room 308 

 Girls Who Code

 Opportunity for girls to spend time together while learning about computer science and building their confidence.


     1st & 3rd Thursday           3:00-4:00pm         Room 211


 Students interested in crocheting and making items from yarn.




 Students who like to argue.  Debate about current event issues.



 Geography Baseball 

 Learn about geography through baseball.




 Students interested in increasing their interest in playing the guitar.  



 Houston Herald

6th, 7th, & 8th graders passionate about journalism and photography. Students create our Houston Herald News Site.


 Room 205

 Math Counts

 A competitive club in which students compete with other middle school students in the Memphis area in Mathematics.



 National Junior Honor Society

7th and 8th-grade organization for students who have earned a 3.8 average each quarter and have received outstanding and satisfactory marks in citizenship. 


 Room 103





 Student Government Association

Association for students who are interested in running for office or grade-level representatives.



 Stock Market

 an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students in the world of economics, investing, and personal finance.



 TED ed

 Students will discuss and debate big ideas, controversial oinions and modern issues within speeches.


 Room 302


 Students who love to play the card game uno.


 Room 108


 Students who want to be involved in creating the school's yearbook.  Students will take pictures, create and edit the school's yearbook.


 Room 109

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