Eliminated/Considered School Site Status

Property Name Map Location Status Artifacts
Thompson 1 Unwilling Seller none
McFadden 2 Unwilling Seller none
Cloyes 3a Federal funds Park Funding Doc
Farm Park 3b Federal funds Park Funding Doc
Soccerplex 4 Federal funds Park Funding Doc
Reaves 5   SSAC Notes
Broer 6   SSAC Notes
Schaeffer 7   SSAC Notes
King 8 Not enough acreage none
Grant 9 Unwilling Seller none
Crestwyn 10   SSAC Notes
Goodwin I 11 Regency Option none
Goodwin II 12 Not enough acreage none
Beem 13 Not enough acreage none
Forest Hill and Associates I and II 14-15   SSAC Notes
Miti Group 16   SSAC Notes
Fogelman 17 Unwilling Seller none
Johnson Park 18   SSAC Notes
Warlick 19   SSAC Notes
Glen Echo 20 Seven separate owners none
Hugh Smith Pony Farm 21 Unwilling Seller none
Cheatham 22   SSAC Notes
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