Schoology versus Skyward

Schoology versus Skyward

Schoology & Skyward FAQ

GMSD is excited for the start of a new school year and the transition to our new student information system (Skyward), while expanding Schoology for our blended learning program. We are providing this FAQ to explain some of the services available to GMSD parents and students.

I have a login for Skyward and Schoology. What’s the difference?

Skyward is our student information system (SIS), which replaced PowerSchool. Skyward is the official data management system for state reporting.  This is the secured website where final grades, attendance, discipline, and important demographic information is stored and transmitted to the state. 

Schoology is our learning management system (LMS), which allows teachers to create an online learning environment for students. In addition to an online learning environment, it is also an excellent communication tool for parents.  As teachers become more familiar with the program, parents will be able to monitor their student’s  classroom by checking the calendar, daily lessons and the classroom feed.  This program coincides with the expansion of our Blended Learning- 1:1 (one device per student) environment.  It will be used in a larger capacity this year with grades 7th – 10th.

I’m having trouble logging into Skyward? What do I do?

This is the same website that parents used to register students for school, so everyone should have an existing account. One thing that is different this year is each parent has their own account with a unique username and password. If you have problems logging into your account, you can reset your own password by clicking on the “forgot your login/password” link from the login page of Skyward Family Access. Your username is in the following format: firstname.lastname. Once you click the forgot password link and type in your username, it will send you a reset link to the email address on file. You may need to look in your junk/spam folder if you do not receive the email in your inbox. This process is the same for students and parents. Once you are successfully logged in, parents should be able to see details for all your GMSD children. If you need assistance with Skyward, please contact Mason Grace ([email protected]).

Where can I find my child’s grades?

The Skyward gradebook will reflect the student’s official grade and will include all graded assignments. Once your child’s school has opened the gradebook for viewing, you will have access to all of your child’s grades and assignments, just as you did in PowerSchool. Each school admin team will determine when the gradebook tab will be opened, which has historically been after Labor Day.

How do students log into Schoology? What about parents?

Students should log in using their Office365 credentials (See below).

The link for parents to access Schoology is different than the link for students. For instructions on accessing Schoology, please visit our Schoology Info page. If you need assistance with Schoology, please contact Chris Cooper at [email protected]. or Terrence Schmitt at .[email protected]

How does my student access his/her email?

Every Student in grades 6th – 12th has been assigned an Office365 account which includes a school email address. The purpose of the Office365 account and the email is for educational purposes. All student email passwords were reset over the summer.

Your child’s email password is comprised of “Gmsd” plus a 4 or 5 digit number, which is called “Other ID” in Skyward Family Access (under Student Info). Leading zeros have been added to make all Other IDs a total of 5 digits.  Please use the appropriate format for passwords:

  • IDs that begin with the number one will be “Gmsd” and all 5 numbers. 

          Example: Other ID: 11250 will be Gmsd11250

  • IDs that begin with only one leading zero will drop the zero and keep the remaining 4 numbers.

         Example: Other ID: 08498 will be Gmsd8498

  • IDs that begin with more than one leading zero will drop the 1st zero and use the other 4 numbers.

         Example: Other ID: 00156 will be Gmsd0156 or Other ID: 00003 will be Gmsd0003

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