Schulter, Amanda

About Me!

Amanda Schulter is happy to start her 9th year teaching art at HHS! She has been working as a public school art educator since 2005 and has had over 15 years of experience teaching art to college age students all the way down to the wee-ist little ones. She loves teaching highschool especially and is blown away by the talent and passion of her students at Houston. 
Amanda graduated with a BFA in painting from Memphis College of Art and then went on to recieve her MA in Art Education from the University of Mississippi. In her free time (what's free time?!) she enjoyes making art, chasing after her toddler, and spending time with her friends and family. Art is Amanda's absolute favorite thing on the planet and she is thrilled to be able to share her passion with her students!

Schulter Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

1st– 7:45 – 8:36 STND ART 1

2nd– 8:42 – 9:29 AP ART

3rd– 9:35 – 10:22 AP ART

4th– 10:28 – 11:59 HNRS ART 3

Lunch A - 10:22 – 10:46

5th– 12:05 – 12:52 HNRS ART 1

6th– 12:58 - 1:45 HNRS ART 1

7th– 1:51 - 2:45 PLANNING




Please see my Schoology calendar for weekly plans and resources. For more information on Schoology and how to log in, visit our Schoology info page.
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