Spillman, Bobby

Art 1 Honors

This is an advanced, introductory-level course designed for those serious about art as a main priority of study in high school. Students enrolled in this course should have the intention of advancing levels each year towards a potential placement in AP art their senior year. This course focuses primarily on two-dimensional processes with an emphasis on developing a greater understanding of art, its theory, and practices. Curriculum involves the application of elements and principles of design, development of observational drawing skills and creative problem-solving abilities, exposure to new media and techniques, and overall personal growth. Designed to be the first course of several for young art students at HHS, Art 1 Honors is reserved for the truly talented artist who demonstrates a real commitment to creating, learning, and growing. Hardworking and self-motivated students can expect to achieve the greatest amount of success. Enrollment in this course is determined by: 1) A formal recommendation from student's previous art teacher and/or, 2) A portfolio review of student's artwork by HHS art teachers.

PREREQUISITES –Students are expected to have either taken art in middle school (formal recommendation requiredfor incoming 9th graders) or in some other capacity (portfolio review required) prior to their admittance to the course; Transfer students must submit a portfolio of previous artwork for consideration of acceptance PRIOR to placement in any art level at HHS; Memo of Understanding.

Art 2 Honors

This is an advanced-level course in drawing and painting with an emphasis on developing a greater understanding of art, itstheory, and practices. Students will further develop their knowledge of art, broaden their exposure to new media and techniques and gain confidence in their creative problem-solving abilities. Curriculum focuses around the application of the Elements of Artand Principles of Designwhile lessons explore observational drawing and painting, sketchbook/journaling, problem solving exercises, introduction to contemporary and historical artists and issues, and personal creative development. This is a course for the serious art student, who is not only talented but also dedicated, has a strong work ethic, and is self-motivated. Students are groomed for their potential future enrollment in AP Art. Enrollment is determined by: 1) A recommendation/signature from student's previous art teacher and/or, 2) A portfolio review of student’s artwork by HHS art teachers. The estimated materials cost for this course is approximately $120.

PREREQUISITES –Art I; Recommendation from previous art instructor; Transfer students must submit a portfolio of previous artwork for consideration of acceptance PRIOR to placement in any art level; Memo of Understanding

Honors Art 3

ART III Honors is an advanced studio workshop in fine art forAP bound juniors and/or current seniors considering the study of visual art after high school.Students will learn techniques in drawing and painting with a strong focus on observational life-studyand individual expression, preparing them for success in Advanced Placement Studio Artand beyond. Students will demonstrate an advanced proficiency in the technical and conceptual development of content in drawing and painting to create self-directed artwork suitable for inclusion in their AP and/or college admission portfolio

AP Studio Art

Houston High's AP Studio Artcourse is designed for highly motivated art students who are serious about the study of art. This course demands a significant level of commitmentfrom those enrolled and focuses on the development of a college level portfolio and potential credit to be applied to college level art programs. AP Studio Artis an advanced and challenging class that requires high levels of commitment, dedication, self-discipline and the student’s best work ethics. (It is highly recommended that students have completed HHS’ Art 3 Honors course prior to enrolling in AP Studio Art.)

Grading Policy

Grades are based on perfromance, understanding, application, and ability to communicate ideas and knowledge.
Studio classes will accumulate grades through projects, in-class assignments and practices, as well as craftsminship and presentation. Students are assessed through quality of work, timely completion, growth, and class critiques.
Art History classes will be graded on in-class work, art projects, quizzes and exams.
All late work is subject to 5-10 pts per day after the deadline has passed.

Disciplinary Policy

I have a classroom mantra of respect me, respect the class and respect yourself. I handle all problems 1 on 1 and in the class, unless the problem is too big for the student and myself to handle. If that is the case and is reoccurring, the student has a serious problem and it will then be handled by administration.

Bobby Spillman

Born and raised in Memphis TN, I am a working artist and art educator. I have taught art to students from age 5 to graduate school level at Bruce Elementary, Memphis College of Art, the University of Memphis and here at Houston High School. My background as an artist ranges from exhibitng painting and drawings in galleries and museums i various areas of the country, ilustraton to working a s a courtroom artsist for WMC-TV. Art is my passion and I believe that through these processes students can learn creative problem solving, invention, individualism, and a pure form of self expression in order to communicate their personal ideas.

Course Schedule

1st period-Honrs Art 3  7:45-8:36
2nd period-Honors Art 1 8:42-9:29
3rd period-Honors Art 2 9:35-10:22
4th period--AP Art 10:28-11:59
D Lunch 10:35-11:59 
5th period-Honors Art 1 10:28-11:59
6th period-Honrs Art 2  12:05-1:51
7th period-Planning
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