Spurlock, Betsy

Welcome to Houston Middle P.E.
The mission of Houston Middle Physical Education is to educate minds, develop healthy bodies, and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness, and sports skills. With a quality P.E. program in place, each student will be empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible lifestyle choices that directly impact his/her health and well-being.
1. Follow Directions the first time they are given.
2. Arrive to class on time with all necessary materials. Students must be dressed out in P.E. uniform within 5 minutes. Two tardies equals a conduct mark. Five tardies equals a detention.
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.
4. Treat peers, staff, and school property with respect.
1. Verbal Warning
2. Conduct Mark + Teacher/Student Conference
3. Conduct Mark + Parent notification
4. Conduct Mark + Detention
5. Conduct Mark + Parent Conference
6. Conduct Mark + Office Referral
***Severe behavior results in immediate office referral and parent notification.
Physical Education Dress Code
Students may purchase a uniform from us or wear black shorts/pants, a solid white or solid grey shirt, and athletic shoes.
Locker Usage
All students will be assigned a locker and lock with combination. Any lost locks will result in $5 replacement charge.


All students are required to participate unless they have a doctor's note or religious observance. Parent notes are accepted for the student to have a modified class, however the student will still be expected to dress out and participate on some level. All students are expected to try.
Dressed out/participating= 70-100
Not Dressed out/giving great effort= 85
Not Dressed out/not participating= 50
Grading Scale:
100-93= A
92-85= B
84-75= C
74-70= D
69-50= F

About Me

HMS cheer is a big part of my after school hours. I sponsor this very talented group of athletes!
Apart from school activities, I love hiking, walking, cycling, kayaking and spending time outdoors and especially on Pickwick lake. In Germantown, you may see me out riding my bike or walking the neighborhoods, parks and Green Line : )
I’ve taught physical education classes at the University of Memphis, Germantown Elementary and Houston Middle. I’ve always loved teaching students to enjoy exercise.
My husband and I have three grown children and one baby granddaughter! We are blessed!

Contact Me

[email protected]
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