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Strategic Plan 2025

Strategic Plan 2025 Community Information

Germantown, Tennessee--January 27, 2020--Germantown Municipal School District is seeking feedback on the five goals established by the Germantown Board of Education.  Each goal will be discussed in a series of focus groups.  District staff will develop rough draft plans which will be presented to both the Germantown Board of Education and discussed in public town hall meetings.

Goal One:  Innovative, Challenging, and Engaging Academics
Focus Group One:
TLA Team
ESE Team
Missy Abel
Joye Phipps
Zac Percoski
Focus Group Two:
Abigail Simone
Cathy Young
Ellen Moak
Renee Canter
Melinda Henson
Katherine Brown
Donna Kitchen
Amy Eoff
Angela Trillo
Camalon Moore
Matt Braby
Elizabeth Gates

Goal Two: Whole Child
Focus Group One:
Student Services Team
District School Counselor/Social Worker
School Coordinated Health
ESE Team
Teresa Price
Ashley Brasfield
Michael Ruiz
Rob Taylor
Pam White
Focus Group Two:
Dan Haddow
Traci Spain
Spencer Nesvick
Carla Christian
Carla Reyna
Brandi Fitzpatric
Coach Brian Field
Rebecca Luter
Traci Spiniewski
Angie Childers
Susie Gregory

Goal Three: Recruit, Develop, and Retain Exemplary Employees
Focus Group One:
Human Resources Team
TLA Team
Finance Team
Shannon Ward
Rob LeGault
Paul Ross
Focus Group Two:
Lisa Reed
Coach Chad Becker
Melinda McClennon
Katie Nelson
Jennifer Kapellas
Laura Coleman
Camellia Jones
Heather Crowley
Linda Fisher
Michael Hill
Eboyne Stewart
Kimberly de Lara-Staunton

Goal Five: Community Partnerships
Focus Group One:
Communications Team
Finance Team
Josh Cathey
Ethan Constant
Leigh Ellis
Kendra Pickens
Jessica Woody
Tom Suchman
Focus Group Two:
Cathy Jones
Suzy Diroff
Peter Simons
Monica Thomas
Tony Smith
Kelly Rhodes
Angela Griffith
Michelle Lady
Amy Jenkins
Jeff Cowens

Upcoming town hall meetings will soon be scheduled.

Current Strategic Plan & Annual Reports

Current Strategic Plan 2015-2020 At a Glance

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