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Wood, Lanie

My name is Mrs. Lanie Wood and I am in my 18th year as a Physical Educator and my 15th year here at Farmington Elementary!
Contact Information:
 Farmington Elementary
 (901) 756-2320



1. LEARN:  "Come every day with the expectation that you will learn something new"
2. HAVE FUN:  "Moving your body is always fun so relax and go with the flow" 
3. TRY YOUR BEST:  "Do your Best....and forget the rest"
4. BE POLITE & RESPECTFUL:  "Live by the golden rule.....treat others the way you would like to be treated"
5. SHOW GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP:  "Encourage your teammates and always tell someone on the other team good game"
6. HELP OTHERS & COOPERATE:  "Be a leader and a teacher. Teach others things you know and share equipment when needed"
7. PAY ATTENTION TO INSTRUCTION:  "Listen to the teacher for important skill cues, game instruction and safety tips"
8. BE SAFE:  "Keep control of your body (and equipment) as you move around the gym"
9. DRESS PROPERLY FOR PE CLASS:  "Wear tennis shoes (sneakers)"
10. LEAVE WITH A SMILE:  "Feel satisfied knowing that you came in to PE & did your best" 
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