GMSD's Ethical Hackers Club, Cyber Patriot compete at state competition

Germantown, TN--November 1, 2021--

On Friday, October 24,  Houston High School CyberPatriot teams participated in Round 1 of the CyberPatriot Competition.  CyberPatriot is an online National  Youth  Cyber  Defense  Competition. Students are put in  the  position  of  newly  hired  IT  professionals tasked with  managing the  network  of  a  small  company.  Through  a  series  of  online  competition  rounds, teams  are  given  a  set  of virtual operating  systems and are  tasked  with  finding  and fixing cybersecurity  vulnerabilities  while  maintaining  critical  services. Houston has 3 teams competing this year.  

Sponsors:  Mrs. Wartenberg and Mrs. Alsbrook