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Have you tried using the GMSD Virtual Calming Room?

Germantown, Tennessee--Dec. 15, 2021--As the holidays draw closer, there is plenty of excitement, joy, and for some can induce additional anxieties.  Our school counseling team wants to remind parents that they are here to help!  Don't miss the upcoming parent engagement opportunity, Q2 Parent Engagement Workshop Series: Anxiety and Your Child: Signs & Symptoms and How to Help.  Email [email protected] to register for this virtual opportunity.

Another virtual resource that is OUTSTANDING, is the GMSD Virtual Calming Room.

"The GMSD Virtual Calming Room is the perfect place to visit during times of stress/heightened emotions or just for some reflection time," said RES Counselor Emily Trenthem. The Virtual Calming Room provides a variety of calming tools in different categories. Examples of the categories include the following: auditory relaxation (calming sounds & music), visual relaxation (calming videos), journaling, and art therapy.

"Research shows the connection between mindfulness and meditation and its positive effect on reducing stress, improving health, behavior, etc. so we just wanted to get the word out, since it's such a great resource," added RES Counselor Stacy Stevens. We have been initiating efforts with both the adults and students in our building to reduce stress and improve productivity and coping skills with the use of mindfulness strategies! 

Visit the Virtual Calming Room when you need a moment for yourself or need help calming your upset child.