Staff Highlights: Dr. Perry Pennington & Cristy Boggan

Germantown, Tennessee-- March 7, 2022--
The City of Germantown February Teacher of the Month award was presented to Dr. Perry Pennington, seventh-grade social studies teacher at Riverdale School. Administrators at Riverdale describe Dr. Pennington as an advocate for students, a true team-player and a dedicated teacher who fosters positive relationships with both students and co-workers. He is a teacher who creates a safe learning environment where all types of learners can succeed and he motivates his students by showing interest in them as individuals. Read More Here.
Dr. Perry Pennington, Riverdale School
Ms. Boggan was proud to receive a Certificate of Appreciation for the U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service “in recognition of outstanding support of the Air Force recruiting service and dedication to the ideals and principles of the United States of America.” Boggan hosts several guest speakers each year in her Career Exploration classes--which offer students a glimpse into different career pathways.
Cristy Boggan, Career Exploration Teacher, HHS