Houston High School Hosts 8th Grade Preview Night

Houston High School hosted a preview night for eighth graders to come visit the school and learn about what it’s like to be a mustang. They got to meet current students as well as teachers and coaches and find out why Houston can feel like a home away from home. 

The night kicked off in the varsity gym where clubs were able to present what they were all about to show visiting families that there really is a place for everyone. From the Latin club to the Houston Hearts club to Trap Shooting and more, students were able to see what all they can participate in. 

Throughout the night, each family got to choose four different sessions they wanted to visit, and there were nine different twenty minute sessions to choose from. They had the chance to talk with students about student life, take a tour of the school from a Mustang Mentor, and hear about athletics and talk with the coaches about program history and opportunities. 

Families could also see how Houston prepares students for post secondary education, and they got to hear from Vice Principal Gillespie about curriculum. If they stopped in to see what all our CTE program has to offer, then they had the chance to try their hand at navigating a green screen for a weather broadcast. There was also a great information session about Houston’s ESE programs as well, including Best Buddies, the Unicorns cheer team, and the Transition Academy.

For families and students who are new to GMSD, they were able to go to a session to learn more about GMSD all together and hear about the process of enrollment. To close out the night, the fine arts department had an incredible a cappella performance and a dance number in their session.

We are so excited for all of the new mustangs that will be joining us at Houston High School next year! Click here for any further information about open enrollment.