Vote on GMSD’s February Athlete of the Month for High School and Middle School

GMSD is excited to announce the February nominations for Athlete of the Month, presented by Alisha Dumas with State Farm. These nominations are based on athletic work ethic, attitude, and sportsmanship, but these student athletes are just that - students first, athletes second.  They must have good academic standing, maintain a good attendance record, and have a positive outlook towards their education and their community. Receiving a nomination is an honor in itself!

Each month the community will get to vote on which athlete they would like to see become the GMSD Athlete of the Month. There is a High School category and a Middle School category. Voting for these categories will be kept separate, so each month there will be an Athlete of the Month from the High School and the Middle School. The winners will be announced towards the end of each month. 

Here are the February High School nominees: 

Collin Bland - Freshman, Basketball

Collin Bland is a multi-sport athlete at Houston, and he maintains excellent academic standing. He is a strong competitor and is known as an uplifting teammate as well.

Sophie Goold - Senior, Lacrosse

Sophie Goold is a dedicated student athlete, and she has been playing lacrosse competitively since the 7th grade. She is one of the team captains, and her steady and calm demeanor encourages her teammates both on and off the field.  

Caroline Jeter - Senior, Tennis 

Caroline Jeter started playing tennis when she was 9 years old, and she has been playing for Houston her entire High School career. She and her doubles partner have represented Houston at the State level the last two years, and in 2022, she made it to the semifinal round. 

Ben Killebrew - Sophomore, Lacrosse

Ben Killebrew was selected earlier this year to represent the Lacrosse team as a featured athlete for Houston. He represents his team extremely well not only in his sport, but in academics as well. 

Mavrick Miller - Senior, Basketball

Mavrick Miller has been playing basketball since the third grade and is finishing out his senior year strong, hitting his career high of 41 points earlier this season. 

Akhilesh Vigneshawaran - Junior, Tennis

Akhil Vigneshawaran began playing tennis around the age of six years old after his initial love for table tennis. He was ranked among the top 50 for kids under the age of ten for table tennis, but he then began pursuing tennis full time. He wanted to represent Houston throughout his entire high school career, and he trains vigorously in hopes to play at the collegiate level.

Here are the February Middle School nominees: 

Jesse Brown - Eighth, Basketball 

Jesse Brown began playing basketball in the third grade, and he is known as the "Block Monster" at Houston Middle School. His teammates look to him as a team leader, particularly for defense. 

Ahmed Daoud - Eighth, Basketball 

Ahmed Daoud began playing basketball in the second grade, and his goal is to make it to the NBA. He is a great team player and a very driven athlete, and he is most dangerous behind the three point line. 

Duke Gunn - Seventh, Basketball 

Duke Gunn began playing basketball competitively when he was in the third grade, but he has loved the sport since the age of just four years old. He is also a three time Mid-South Memphis Basketball Association All Star. 

Congratulations to all of the nominees! Click here to cast your vote for Athlete of the Month. Voting closes Friday, February 24 at 12:00pm CT.