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Post-Secondary Transition

Houston High School offers a wide variety of transition services to ensure post-secondary opportunities for all students, ages 14 and up. GMSD is a recipient of the Transition School to Work grant through the Department of Human Services. This grant allows GMSD to hire a Transition Coordinator as well as Job Readiness Coach dedicated to increasing post-secondary success for students with disabilities in GMSD schools, ages 14 and up . These two positions focus on the five areas of transition: 
Career Exploration
Workplace Readiness Skills 
Post-Secondary Counseling
Self-Advocacy Skills
Work- Based Learning 
Each student that receives transition services provided through their IEP will meet with the transition coordinator to ensure they have an appropriate, interest aligned, student-centered, transition plan. For more information about our Transition School to Work program, click here. Follow HHS Transition School to Work on Instagram and Facebook to see our students in action! 
For students with disabilities that are interested in post-secondary college and university opportunities that are tailored to their specific learning needs, please click here for additional resources. There is also a comprehensive list of post-secondary disability support programs for post-secondary education. Click here to view the list. 

Transition Academy

Houston High School prides itself on the success of their Transition Academy for students with disabilities. Students ages 18-22 focus on workplace readiness, career exploration, independent living skills, community-based instruction, self-advocacy skills, school-based enterprise opportunities, and work-based learning. All academic instruction is transition focused with the goal of having the most independent and successful young adult. Students have the opportunity to earn the Occupational Diploma, which emphasizes vocational and career outcomes while mastering imperative technical and soft skills needed for both employment and independent living. For more information about the Occupation Diploma and the requirements, click here. If you are interested in seeing the Transition Academy in action, follow on Facebook or Instagram. 
For other additional transition resources for students, parents, and educators, please visit TransitionTN