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TCAP Family Portal

July 30, 2021

As TCAP score reports are now available, we wanted to share a valuable resource from the Tennessee Department of Education that is available to Tennessee students taking state assessments. The TCAP Family Portal is a free, online resource to help inform families of a student's strengths and areas for growth. This resource has valuable information including the following: 

  • TCAP scale scores and performance levels by subject 
  • Test history features which allow families to track progress over time 
  • Links to Parent Guides 
  • Next-step recommendations (including links to practice tests) 

This resource is an optional resource, and printed, individual, student reports will be available through our GMSD schools by late August. The department is excited about the many improvements to the score reports which include individualized recommendations for students. These changes were made based on parent feedback to be responsive to our families’ needs. Information shared through the portal will ideally be useful for families engaging in conversations with educators about students’ academic progress. 

Families can access this resource by registering at familyreport.tnedu.gov. Data will be uploaded as TCAP scores are released. These reports should be available in the family portal by July 30. Families will need to have the student’s USID number (a student-specific, state Id number) to create an account. The student's USID number (7-digit state Id number plus two leading zeros) can be found in Skyward Family Access under the Portfolio tab as explained here.  Please use this student-specific number when creating student accounts in the TCAP Family Portal.

Families of students that completed TCAP testing in the fall 2019, fall 2020 and the spring 2021 windows will have data in the platform. Families of students who did not participate in any of the above testing windows will not have access to the TCAP Family Portal at this time. Additionally, parents of students who participated in the TCAP Alternate assessments (applies to students with an IEP for an educational disability that requires an alternate assessment) will have access to student reports by August 20.  

After logging into the TCAP Family Portal, you are invited to give feedback on this new resource through the survey link provided in the portal. If you need assistance accessing the TCAP Family Portal, please call the Help Desk at 1-888-711-7724. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the department at Assessment@tn.gov. We hope you find this new resource helpful.