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Community Engagement Opportunities--Surveys, Forums, Committee Applications

Germantown, TN—October 17th, 2017—Germantown Municipal Schools has officially purchased the land south of Poplar Pike and Forest Hill Irene Road to build a new elementary school.

We are excited to begin the process of building the new school as well as alleviate capacity issues at our current elementary schools. Part of the development of a new elementary school will be the creation of new elementary and middle school attendance zones.

Before GMSD redraws the attendance zone boundaries, we would like to engage the citizens of Germantown in this process. The district will host forums, surveys, and a focus group to help our school board make zoning decisions in the Spring of 2018.

We are currently seeking current Germantown residents with school-aged children (enrolled in elementary or middle school) to serve on our focus group.

While it is important to give all stakeholders a voice in important matters such as school attendance zones, our team also acknowledges the need for a small and focused group to gather feedback during the initial steps.

A small number of Germantown parents and school administrators will be selected through an application process.

*The Attendance Zone Focus Group will meet during the work day two times in 2017. The two tentative meetings have been scheduled for:
  • November 9th, 9am
  • December 15th, 9am
Applicants must be able to attend both meetings.

The application closes at midnight on October 31st.  Applicants chosen will be notified via phone call between November 1st and 3rd.

To apply for the Germantown Municipal School District Attendance Zone Focus Group, please click here.

Germantown citizens can track the development of attendance zones at http://www.gmsdk12.org/AttendanceZoneFocusGroup.aspx
 As Germantown Municipal Schools continues to develop, a thorough analysis of how foreign language in grades K-8 should be instituted will be conducted.  In response, GMSD is forming a new committee to explore the different options.

A team of dedicated foreign language educators from middle and high school have been assembled along with a panel of elementary administrators (who handle scheduling) to represent their peers and colleagues in the process.

A small number of Germantown parents are also desired to serve on this committee. GMSD administration in partnership with school level leadership will craft a recommendation to the Germantown Board of Education.

Community Member Application Here

TENTATIVE MEETING SCHEDULE:  May 2017 - December 2017

School Board Representative:  Amy Eoff
 While it is important to give all stakeholders a voice in important matters such as Class Rank, our team also acknowledges the need for a small and focused group to foster productivity in the cultivation of the ideas. A team of dedicated secondary educators have been assembled along with a small student panel to represent their peers and colleagues in the process.

Here are some articles about high acheiving TN school district, Williamson County, who is also engaging its public in a discussion about restructuring of class rank at the high school level.

A small number of Germantown parents are also desired to serve on this committee. The administration at Houston High School in partnership with District leadership will craft a recommendation to the Germantown Board of Education.

*The Class Rank Committee will meet during the work day (immediately following the school day) multiple times April-July 2017. Applicants must be able to attend meetings.

PARENT APPLICATION WINDOW: March 13th - March 24th

Application Link: http://classrankcommittee.tk

Seeking parents to preview textbooks

Join the Academic Advancement team at Houston High School today as they offer a parent preview of textbooks up for adoption.  If you are an expert or professional in the fields of; agriculture, health science, architecture, construction, transportation logistics, or work in a STEM field--our team would love your input. 
 GERMANTOWN, TN—February 13, 2017— As our staff prepares to envision the new school and work with the architects, we would like to hear from our stakeholders. What type of school would you like to see? As with any type of project, the budget is limited and the choices of which type of building materials and what types of innovative spaces to be included is difficult. We would like to hear from our elementary school teachers, staff, and parents. Help us build a school that will best fit your needs. To begin the process, a comprehensive survey is open to the public from February 13-March 12th.

To access the survey, click here.

In addition to this public survey, we are also forming a GMSD Design Review Committee, who will work with our staff and the architects to build something that Germantown will be proud of for years to come. This committee will begin meeting right away and will meet during regular work hours to accommodate the schedules of the staff and the architects. Those interested in serving must complete the application found here. The applications are due February 20, 2017.
To access the application, click here.
 Houston High School is seeking twelve more parents/teachers/community members to become officially state-sanctioned tnAchieves Mentors. This is an important and extremely vital role for our school district, and we ask that you consider applying AND/OR share this information with anyone who might be willing to mentor our young adults.

Did you know that Tennessee leads the nation in FAFSA filing? With 16,291 students from the Class of 2015 attending an eligible institution as a part of TN Promise, the community colleges experienced a 24 percent increase of full-time students while technical college enrollment increased more than 20 percent.

But, as parents and students who have navigated through the FAFSA/TN Promise process can tell you, it takes a fair amount of work to complete! We are fortunate to live in a city like Germantown, where a vast majority of our students have wonderful and involved parents. However, being that we have such excellent parents/teachers/surrounding community members, we would like to extend that “involved parent” advantage to each and every Houston High School student.

So, what does a mentor do? Although TN Promise creates an endowment for student scholarships, tnAchieves Mentors provide supports (emails, phone calls, texts, paperwork assistance) necessary for students to successfully complete the process. Become a part of their journey from high school to college. Truly make a difference in our community.

What type of commitment will it take? Each mentor will invest between 10-15 hours this year while helping between 5-10 high school seniors. In fact, most tnAchieves mentors report that they spend less than ONE hour per month serving as a resource to our scholars. tnAchieves designed its mentoring program so even the busiest executive, parent or young professional can make a meaningful impact. If you do not have experience working in education, do not worry! tnAchieves will train you to work with our Germantown students.

How do I apply?  The application process is simple, visit their website for the application and more information about the requirements.  GMSD has included a basic overview of the process below.




The Germantown Municipal School Board will be analyzing potential school sites over the next three months. The following timeline will allow for the creation of a GMSD School Site Analysis Committee, two community surveys, and an additional public meeting to thoroughly evaluate site finalists.

1. CRITERIA DEVELOPMENT OF SCHOOL SITE SELECTION SURVEY Opens October 5th and remains open until October 19th. Both the City and the School District will promote the survey.
2. Site Analysis Committee meets from October 17 through December 5th.
3. Community Meeting to analyze site finalists selected by the GMSD Site Analysis Committee on November 15th.
4. Community Survey—detailed analysis of site finalists to be released following the community meeting.
5. School Board will vote on the school site on December 5th.

Click here for the link to the CRITERIA DEVELOPMENT OF SCHOOL SITE SELECTION SURVEY. Or, copy and paste the URL into your browser.


The Germantown Municipal School District needs your feedback in the design of the District Calendar for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years. As we begin the process of meeting on our calendar committee, our team would like some input on THREE ESSENTIAL questions that became the focus of last year's committee meetings (15-16).

In addition, we are providing plenty of space for "outside of the box" considerations and suggestions. We ask that you include your name and email in case our communications team has additional questions about your feedback--but will not share your name or contact information with the committee at large.

Click here to take the survey.
While it is important to give all stakeholders a voice in important matters such as school calendar selection, our team also acknowledges the need for a small and focused group to foster productivity in the cultivation of the calendars to be presented. Each and every comment will be compiled into a binder, along with quantitative data per school for our committee members.

One parent from each school will be chosen based on a random selection as best represents a diverse mixture of stakeholders (working parent vs. stay-at-home parent, gender, ethnic background).

*The calendar committee will meet on September 16th at 11am and again on November 1st at 4pm. Representatives must be willing to attend BOTH meetings to be selected.

The application closes at 10am on Friday, September 2nd. Parents chosen will be notified via email on Tuesday, September 6th.

Click here to apply to be on the committee.

If you have any questions about parent committees or surveys, please contact Kate Crowder.