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No Bullying Task Force Committee Members

Members are listed below and will help us expand our existing 'No Bullying' efforts for the continued protection of all GMSD students. In addition, we will enlist parent volunteers to help with the implementation phase. 
All current GMSD parents who recently voiced concerns about bullying at board meetings were invited to join the task force. In addition, we recruited a few parents who recently or previously expressed concerns or solutions related to bullying. 
Staff participants were recruited based on needs and availability.


Keelie Brower
Maura Parks
Sara Raab

Michael Schmidt

Pokey Stanford

Brian Vincent



Chauncey Bland, Executive Director of Student Services

Karen Dodd, Supervisor of Student Services

Christy Law, Lead School Counselor and District Social Worker

Jonathan Pritchett, School Counselor

Michelle Bardos, School Administrator (Riverdale)


Ashley Brasfield, School Administrator (Farmington Elementary)

Liz Dias, School Administrator (Houston Middle)

Heather Fisher, School Administrator (Dogwood Elementary)

Rob LeGault, School Administrator (Houston High)