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Media Relationships

On behalf of Germantown Municipal School District, we would like to thank you in advance for the importance you place on reporting news about our schools. Your ability to spotlight the accomplishments of local students and educators not only rewards these individuals, it also generates increased support for schools throughout our community. There are wonderful things happening in our school system every day, and we can assist you in telling these great stories this school year.
Reporters/photographers on school campuses: We are certainly mindful that media operates under tight time constraints, and we always do our best to meet your needs in a timely manner. We do, however, ask that you be cognizant and respectful of our responsibilities and guidelines as well so that we can better serve you.
  • Media outlets must always contact Kate Crowder, Communications, prior to sending a reporter or photojournalist to a school (before, during or after school hours). Her email is [email protected] She may be reached at 901.752.7908 but email is generally the most efficient way to contact her.
  • Media covering sporting events will not need prior approval as long as they are only present for that event and not investigating or reporting on other items.
  • Germantown Municipal School District will abide by all state and federal laws in its efforts to provide interviews and information for media outlets. In the event that a school/district representative is unavailable, our District Office staff will work to provide outlets with official comment in the form of a written statement when possible.
  • Media is asked to limit all news-related business near schools to public areas, such as sidewalks and/or surrounding streets, so as not to interfere with school business or create traffic hazards on campus.
We require these guidelines for several reasons:
  1. The priority and primary responsibility of school staff is to educate children, so it is important to arrange visits that limit disruptions to instruction and other school business.
  2. By scheduling school visits through the Communications Coordinator in advance, less time will be wasted by your news crew because staff availability will be guaranteed.
  3. Not all students on campus have parental consent to be included in media coverage. Therefore, by scheduling coverage in advance, school staff can inform parents of media presence and ensure these children are not in the area of reporters/photographers.
  4. The presence of media on campus without proper notification and approval can create potential traffic safety risks during busy drop-off and pick-up times before and after school.
  5. Please understand that arriving at a school without prior approval from the Communications Coordinator will result in media being asked to leave the campus, and permission to return to the campus for coverage cannot be guaranteed.
If your media outlet has a special education section/segment, we look forward to connecting with you to highlight our students and staff through Germantown Municipal School District stories.