Houston Middle School receives a new space age water fountain

Last summer, Houston Middle School Assistant Principal Jessica Woody was walking through the airport and saw a water bottle filling station for the first time. “Immediately, my wheels started turning,” she laughed. As soon as she returned to school, her mission was clear, “…HMS needed one of those stations”.

Woody’s quest began with several inquiries to District Foreman Aaron Law, who made it clear that the plumbing at the school may be prohibitive. “After looking through a dozen different products, he finally found one that might minimize the cost,” said Woody.

The majority of the funds to make her water bottle filling station dreams a reality came in the form of a grant by the way of School Coordinated Health. “It was the perfect connection,” recalls Woody, “a hydrated brain is a healthier brain”. Coordinator Brian Fisher (of School Coordinated Health) has also been enchanted by the cutting edge water fountain. “This isn’t your normal school water fountain,” he said.

Brian Fisher of School Coordinated Health

Woody and Fisher may be onto something. Nearly a week after installation, students are still lining up (20 or more strong) to use the new machine. The fountain is, in fact, increasing the number of students who are drinking water throughout the day. Even for regular drinking, it works better, says a student.

After day two alone, the fountain had saved a supposed 197 water bottles from becoming plastic waste. (The machine offers a counter of how many plastic water bottles have been saved) For the environmentally conscious, the fountain should reduce the amount of water bottles that are consumed and then thrown away at the school.

Our favorite though? This poster created by Woody after observing some interesting and confused uses of the newfangled water fountain.

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