Morning Traffic Patterns for Houston High

In cooperation and collaboration with the City of Germantown and Germantown Municipal School District administration, here are reminders for the traffic pattern in the MORNING at Houston High School. Afternoon dismissal procedures will be the same as they always have been. 

1. The island in the middle of Wolf River Boulevard between the West and East Entrances will be removed and replaced with a left turn lane for Westbound traffic on Wolf River Boulevard.

2. The West entrance will now serve as the only entrance to the school in the morning. The East side will now serve as an exit only. Eastbound traffic will be able to turn right on to campus and traffic will continuously move on to campus from this direction. Westbound traffic will queue in the new left turn lane and wait for the crossing guard to stop traffic in order to enter the campus at the West entrance.

The map shows this, but below is a table with categories of drivers and what lane you will need to be in once on campus:

Click here for a link to the map.

Left Lane:
Student drivers parking on the East side of campus (Purple)

Faculty parking on the West side of campus in the parking lot nearest to the school. (Dark Purple)

Right Lane:
Car riders/Drop offs (Green)
Student drivers parking on the West side of campus (Blue)

Faculty parking on the West side of campus in the parking lot nearest to the Lateral G area (Blue)
Faculty parking on the East side of campus in the parking lot in front of the main entrance to the school
Student drivers parking in reserved parking on the East side of campus (will go through car rider line and turn right)

A reminder, Grace Evangelical Church is not an approved or recommended drop off location for students.

The new traffic plan will begin at 7:15 A.M. each morning. We know this will present some challenges, especially the first week while all stakeholders get comfortable with the new plan. With the change in start times, we feel this is a necessary pro-active measure.

As stated above, the methods for dismissal are identical to previous years. For those that are NEW to Houston High School and are planning to pick your child up from the school, please see the following description:

*Please note that this is NOT a change from last year.
All roads to the school serve as both entrances and exits. Students/faculty/parents will be able to exit or enter from either side.
AREA “A” is one carline pickup option.
AREA “C” is another carline pickup option.
AREA “B” serves as the bus lane from 2pm-3pm and no cars are allowed to use this loop.
Parents picking up their child are advised to choose and discuss their preferred pickup location with students in advance.

For those needing an enlarged or printable version of the parent pick up/dismissal method, please click here.

Due to the number of after school activities, and the variation of student location at the conclusion of the school day, parents and students may choose the best options for their family.  The traffic getting into the high is far less complicated.

For questions, or to reach out to our Operations Department for further comments, please call 901.752.7900.

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