William McLeod rounds out a "trifecta" of perfect ACT scores in the McLeod Household

GERMANTOWN, TN—Andrea and Jeff McLeod are two proud parents today. Their three boys, Ian, Collin, and now their youngest William have all earned a perfect score on the ACT.

“That's rare air for each one individually, but I'm speculating it's really stratosphere kind of rare to have three siblings at that plateau,” writes their father in a recent Facebook post.

Ian, their eldest son who is now a mechanical engineering major at Texas A & M, took the test twice—first scoring a 34 and then a perfect 36 the second time. Along with the perfect score, Ian was also able to earn 42 Accelerated Placement (AP) college credit hours while attending Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee. “He’s a sophomore, but is classified as a senior this year,” explains his mother.

Collin, the middle son, is enjoying his freshmen year at the University of Oklahoma and is currently majoring in math. Collin only took the ACT once, resulting in his perfect score. His parents were extremely proud that he left the halls of Houston High with 60 hours of AP credit under his belt. The scholarship he earned through the University of Oklahoma which retains the largest number of National Merit Scholars in the country will allow him to study for a full five years, possibly earning his Master’s degree in the process.

Yesterday, the two proud parents received official word that their youngest and last child, William, has earned the coveted perfect score on the ACT. “Everyone has been teasing him,” said his mother, “about whether or not he would follow in the foot steps of his brothers”. William earned a 35 the first time he took the test—so his teachers were very confident that he would join the ranks of his brothers this spring. William, who is a junior this year, is also taking advantage of the large number of AP courses offered at Houston High. It is anticipated that he will graduate with 40-50 college credit hours.

The boys’ parents were very humble and extremely gracious about this huge achievement. “We were blessed with academically gifted children, but I am extremely proud to say that our boys are kind-hearted, generous, and thoughtful,” Andrea continues as she details all of the ways that her children help out at church and have completed mission trips.

“William is one of the most brilliant, yet unassuming, students I have ever taught. He, Ian and Collin made earning perfect ACT scores look easy, but the scores reflect a natural curiosity and proclivity for learning along with some 'positive peer pressure' among brothers,” echoes Houston High School Teacher Dr. Abigail Simone.

The couple identified a few key decisions they made in raising their sons. Andrea has always been involved in her children’s schools by being active in parent teacher organizations and participating in classrooms. Currently, she holds office as the President of the Houston High PTA.

“Reading,” continues Andrea on some of their parenting strategies, “I began reading to these boys the moment I was pregnant”. She then described all three of her boys as “voracious” readers throughout elementary and middle school. According to the couple they also severely limited technology in the McLeod household. Video games were not permitted until middle school, and the boys weren’t allowed cell phones until 8th grade graduation. Even then, video games and other technological devices were only used on the weekend. “We encouraged them to read, play outside, or do other activities during the week,” says Andrea.

The two also emphasized the importance of sitting down to dinner every night with the family. Their methods sound severe albeit common sense, but have paid off in huge dividends (and college scholarships). Germantown Municipal Schools congratulates the fine work of William, his brothers, and his parents!

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