Press Release: TNReady Testing Information

The Tennessee Department of Education has cancelled their contract with Measurement Inc., the state-testing vendor. Every district in the state, according to a statement released by Commissioner McQueen, is waiting on the arrival of testing materials. McQueen has stated that TNReady testing for all subjects in grades 3-8 will be suspended, as to not further interrupt the instructional time of students.

At this time, TNReady and End of Course testing at Houston High School have been completed, with the exception of makeups to be completed by Friday, April 29th. Students enrolled in Algebra I at both Riverdale and Houston Middle will take the Algebra I TNReady as scheduled next week. The SAT 10, administered in grades 1-2, will continue as planned. SAT 10 makeup testing will also be completed by Friday, April 29th.

Districts have the opportunity to administer the TNReady assessment if they have all necessary materials for a subject (i.e. fifth grade math). However, Germantown Municipal Schools has not received complete testing materials for any subject in grades 3-8. Germantown Municipal Schools will not be administering any TNReady assessments in grades 3-8.

Please refer to the FAQ issued by Commissioner McQueen by clicking here.

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