The Little Dress That Could: House of Prom offers charity in several ways

Teaming up with Q107.5 and Saddle Creek, Houston High was involved with House of Prom for the first time. House of Prom is an event that offers the opportunity for less fortunate girls to buy gently used prom dresses for $10.75 from the former Kate Spade store space in The Shops of Saddle Creek. This unique and thoughtful event started by Q107.5 caught the eye of student Olivia Brommer at Houston High School.


Brommer and HHS Assistant Principal Kathryn Jones offered up the school as a drop-off location for prom dresses for the week leading up to the event. All of the partnering organizations decided to spend the proceeds, from the prom dresses donated, back into the Houston High program for students with disabilities. Overall, the event earned $1,020.

Houston warmly welcomes any student to be a part of the outstanding education they offer; despite any disability that student may have. The special education program at Houston offers a variety of opportunities for its students, including a program that aids the students in finding a career in the future. George Waldrup, a student who best exemplifies a district initiative called Increasing Employable Outcome for Individuals With Disabilities, has worked at Walgreens for several years now and is a testimony to this incredible program that Houston has to offer. Waldrup delivered a heartwarming message to reporters during the dress drive—he believes that every student, with or without a disability, should have the option of going into the workforce.

Working with Brommer, Q107.5 came to Houston to collect the prom dresses donated by students.

Once taken to the Saddle Creek location and sold to girls, the organization raised money that will be given back to the incredible program that gives every student a chance in the career field.

Click here to watch the ABCNews 24 special about the event.

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