Three Latin students earn Perfect Scores on the National Latin Exam; Two students earn Maureen O’Donnell Award for four years of gold medals

Three Houston High Latin students earned perfect scores on the National Latin Exam: Andrew Hines in Latin I and Andrew Rivalto IV and Mohammed Hyder in Latin II. The National Latin exam is administered to over 145,000 students nationwide and from 14 foreign countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Niger, Poland, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, China and France. Participation in this program attests interest in and encouragement of academic excellence.

Drew Rivalto and Andy Hines (Mohammed Hynder pictured below)

Houston High students, under the direction of teachers Mrs. Erin Purcell and Dr. Abigail Simone earned 37 summa cum laude gold medals.

Latin I:
Andrew Hines
Waide Jackson
Lonnie Easley
Morgan Pietri
Finlay Bolan
Dylan Marler
Zeina Elrachid
Dinobi Onyeagocha
Azaria Farrington
Bennett Thomas
Jack Zheng
Josh Yenser
Grace Morrison
Gabrielle Dawson
Julie Earnest
Wilkins King
James Sowell
Ethan Lenoir

Latin II:
Mohammed Hyder
Drew Rivalto
Eleanor Baran
Morgan Nelson
Kohl Mueller
Michael Jones
Chae-Yeon Park
Adam Kim
Lindsey Ross
Sarah Turner
Helen Sieggreen

Latin III:
Madison Maw
William McLeod
Grace Roberts
Kishan Sinoji

Latin IV:
Katarina Jankov
Mary-Carter Mullins
Tim Liang
Farrah Altamimi

Seniors Katarina Jankov and Farrah Altamimi earned copies of The Oxford Classical Dictionary for four straight years of earning gold medals on the National Latin Exam. The Maureen O’Donnell Oxford Classical Dictionary Award is given to students who win four gold medals in recognition of their outstanding achievement.

Mohommed Hyder also earned a gold medal on the The National Classical Etymology Exam, an exam designed to test a student’s ability to handle both Latin and Green derivatives and their usage in the English language.

The National Roman Civilization Exam is designed to test a student’s knowledge of ancient Roman society. Latin students who placed on the exam are:
Bo Cotton—bronze Level II
Mohammed Hyder—bronze Level II
Mary Carter Mullins---gold Level IV

The National Latin Vocabulary Exam is designed to test a student’s knowledge of Latin vocabulary and is based solely on specific lists of Latin vocabulary relevant to a particular student’s level of Latin. Our Latin students who placed on the exam are:

Latin II:
Mohammed Hyder--bronze
Adam Kim—bronze

Latin III:
Mary Carter Mullins—bronze
Grace Roberts—silver
William McLeod--gold

The Medusa Mythology exam is an international competition for mythology enthusiasts. The 2016 exam theme was “Hercules: The 1st Avenger.” Houston had several students take the exam this spring and Mohammed Hyder received a Bronze Medal for superior achievement on the Medusa Mythology Exam.

The following students received certificates of commendation for the 2015-16 The Classical Association of the Middle West and South Latin Translation Contest, representing a top 10% finish in this Contest.
Mohammed Hyder—intermediate level
Madison Maw—intermediate level
William McLeod—intermediate level
Katarina Jankov—advanced level

Congratulations to these Latin students for their outstanding performances this year!
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