Cupcake Wars: Secret ingredients range from flax seed to sweet peas

Each semester, the two Nutrition classes at Houston, taught by Pamela Penn, have a project that is judged by teachers. For their winter project, the students had to bake cookies from scratch, and then decorate them according to a theme of their choice. For the spring competition, the students got to reenact Food Network’s series: Cupcake Wars.

First, each group, assigned to its own kitchen with its own oven, microwave, sink, and cooking utensils, was instructed to research a healthy cupcake recipe to bake from scratch. Next, Mrs. Penn gave each of her classes a surprise secret ingredient, which made the competition interesting. The secret ingredients ranged from flax seed to sweet peas. After the cupcakes were baked with the secret ingredient, each group chose a different theme to decorate their cupcakes. Two teachers per class observed and tasted each group’s cupcake. The winner from each class is exempt from the end of the year kitchen cleanup!

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