The Bobby Lanier Farm Park offers a unique field trip experience for some GMSD first graders

Something unprecedented happened last month. Beyond being what one parent described as, “The best field trip I have ever been on”, a simple trip of Farmington first graders to the Bobby Lanier Farm Park marked a greater success.

The City and the Germantown Municipal School District are continually looking to collaborate on projects to enhance offerings to students and the Germantown community at large.

The Farm Park committee was looking for ways to make their field trip experience tie to curriculum standards. Linda Fisher serves dual roles as both GMSD Board Chairman and as a member of the Farm Park Advisory Board. Fisher arranged for Joni Roberts, Farm Park Programs and Outreach Coordinator to join the first grade teachers at Farmington Elementary School for a *PLC meeting.

Mitchell and the teachers quickly found common ground between activities and functions of the park and the curriculum being taught in the first grade classroom. Together, they custom designed the field trip experience. Something not often afforded to teachers who are planning trips outside the classroom.

Consisting of seven distinct stations, students rotated in small groups throughout the farm to experience: Farm Animal Meet n’ Greet, Butter Churning: The Science of Change, From the Egg to the Coop: Chicken Life Cycles, Beehives and Other Pollinators, Composting With Worms Scavenger Hunt, Shelling Out Historical Farm Tools, and Plant Parts We Eat.

In an even larger collaboration, Fisher also arranged for Houston High School students enrolled in agricultural coursework or members of the Future Farmers of America club to man each learning station.
High school students and first graders flooded the park on the big day and pure magic resulted. Click here to see our photo album.

The Agriculture students from Houston were celebrating National Agriculture Day, which just so happened to coincide with the trip. Fisher understands the value of agriculture and how it shapes America. Many may not know this, but she holds a degree in agriculture from Purdue University.

Pictured here, as a young girl, she is on her grandfather's farm.

Read the excellent coverage provided by the Commercial Appeal by clicking here.

*PLC in an acronym for Professional Learning Committee, which is a national movement and moniker for a reinvention and refocusing of the nature of a “grade or subject level” faculty meeting.
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