FES hosts its annual student council elections

Fourth and fifth graders at Farmington Elementary School learned a valuable lesson in civic responsibility as they listened to campaign speeches orated by their classmates in preparation for a student council election. Platforms ranged from more heavy hitting issues like school start times and locks on the bathroom doors by John Dely to lighter issues like fifth grade social nights by Gracie Brooke. In a popular speech, MacKenzie MacKinster used candy to illustrate her qualifications, “I am a SWEETTART, so vote for me,” as she holds up the candy by the same name.

The speeches help children who are interested developing a meaningful lifelong skill. “It provides us an opportunity to expose students to the election process and the importance of voting within their communities. This year’s election emphasized that every vote counts, as our Presidential race was settled by a margin of four votes,” reported Jonathan Pritchett, guidance counselor and student council sponsor.

After the speeches, students went back to their homerooms to cast their ballots (results below).
President: Gracie Brooke
Vice President: Lauren Lancaster
Secretary: Ethan Furr

“It teaches you that you play a part in the changes that happen in your school. Also, it teaches us that even if we don’t have a specific job or role, our opinion still matters,” says candidate Nate Lupo on the value of running for office.

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