September's Outstanding GMSD Employees

At the school board meeting last week, the Board and Central Office Staff were happy to recognize educators who are finding new and ingenious way to mitigate the minor issues that can occur with the implementation of new plans. “A fire has to start somewhere,” said Assistant Superintendent Dan Haddow.

A letter from a HHS parent who has seen one son through college and another who is in the process of applying, honors guidance counselor, Andrea Little. Haddow echoes the sentiment of the letter and cites that Little truly goes above and beyond to get our students into college.

From Dogwood Elementary School, a teacher new to GMSD, Dana Washington is then acknowledged. Ms. Washington comes to the District with some teaching experience, but what has really caught our eye is they way in which she is so embracing of new initiatives and the exploration of research-driven, effective teaching strategies.

From Houston High School, Chairperson Lisa Parker then recognized Assistant Principal Rob LeGault. “Mr. LeGault has made huge investments in our students—especially our special student populations. He is finding new and creative solutions to Response to Intervention (or RTI) issues, and has been instrumental in furthering programs in special education and alternative school.”

Finally, Michael Ruiz, the assistant principal at Houston Middle School was recognized for becoming the ultimate problem-solving innovator, working with teachers who are also struggling with the new implementation of RTI squared.

More cause for celebration last Wednesday, was the announcement of teachers who have recently achieved tenure. The tenure process has undergone some new and important changes. The probationary period lasts five years instead of three, and for the last two years of the probationary period a teacher must earn a level 4 or 5. Congratulations to the following teachers are in order:

Ashley Luyendyk

Mario Aviles
Anna Brignole
Heather Fifer
Bethany Furse
Kristen Halteman
Marlow Harris
Susan Pennington
Tammy Wilson
Wendy Phillips

Houston Middle School
Jennifer North
Brittney Riley

Houston High School
Tim Boyer
William Buford
Christopher Cook
John Hamilton
Victoria Jordan
Craig Juneau
Robert Lofton
Jason Middlekauf
Matthew Parker
Candace Plaissance

Riverdale Elementary
Janna Carlyle
Angela Darder
Corrine Martin

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