Germantown Municipal Schools Revised TNReady Testing Schedule

Students Grades 3rd - 8th

TNReady Part One
March 7th- ELA
March 8th- Math
March 9th- Social Studies
March 10th & 11th- Makeup

TNReady Part Two
May 2nd- ELA
May 3rd- Math
May 4th- Social Studies
May 5th- Science
May 6th- Makeup

*SAT 10- April 25th – 29th

Students Grades 9th – 12th

TNReady Part One
March 4th- Math
March 7th- ELA
March 8th- US History
March 9th- Makeup

TNReady Part Two
April 25th- Math
April 26th- ELA
April 27th- Science
April 28th- History
April 29th- Makeups

Common FAQs

Because the test will now be given on paper, what changes can my child expect to the answer sheet? TNReady on paper will still include various types of questions. In order to capture more than just multiple-choice answer, the student answer sheet in math will resemble a worksheet with designated space to write out equations and draw graphs. You can view an example of the item types as depicted on a student answer sheet here.

My child already took Part 1 of the TNReady. Will they be required to take it again? While the State Department of Education has announced the cancellation of online testing for the 2015-2016 school year, they have not yet addressed this issue. Our District will keep you informed.

Do the scores my child makes on these assessments affect teacher evaluations? Most likely not. Governor Bill Haslam has issued a proposal giving teachers the choice to include 2015-16 TNReady results in their evaluation growth scores. Candice McQueen, Commissioner of Education sums it up nicely here, “Providing teachers with the flexibility to exclude first-year TNReady data from their growth score over the course of this transition will both directly address many concerns we have heard and strengthen our partnership with educators while we move forward with a new assessment”. Read the full press release here.

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