It's the little things

Another Friday morning rolls by at Farmington Elementary School. The Principal, Zac Percoski, has issued a spirit day and has announced that teachers can wear jeans in celebration of a recent achievement. While casual Friday is a treat, the teachers are greeted by an unexpected surprise.

Dr. Christopher Getman of Getman Orthodontics and some members of his staff arrived early at the school to set up a light breakfast buffet in the teacher’s lounge. Typically the role of parent teacher organizations, these displays of gratitude are cherished by our teachers. Early last week, Getman and his crew also dropped off breakfast for the teachers at Houston Middle.

The idea that the community appreciates education is motivating teachers. “Dr. Getman really made the teachers feel special and appreciated this morning. Moving forward, I hope that more relationships like this can be fostered between the community and the schools,” says Percoski.

“I live right here in Germantown, I work right here in Germantown, and my kids go to school here in Germantown,” explains Getman as his two boys, both Farmington students, are enjoying the scene.
Percoski then notes, “It is such a wonderful thing to see partnerships between the community and the schools. Just knowing that there are a number of groups of stakeholders invested in a common enterprise is refreshing”.

Children as a common enterprise makes sense. “I’m proud of the schools—these are amazing places,” says Getman.

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