Houston Student discovers filmmaking up close and personal in Rome (with Keanu Reeves)

Houston High senior Rebecca Saunders recently returned home from the abroad internship of a lifetime—at least her formative lifetime. Saunders is an avid artist that participates in the AP art program at the school. “I’ve learned so much in this class—so much from Mrs. Schulter,” says Saunders of her mid-high school migration from a private school to Houston. “It’s amazing that this school offered smaller class sizes and more focused attention from the teachers,” she beams about the art department.  "Moreover," she continues, "I feel like I've grown as an artist".

Amanda Schulter, AP art teacher, delivers individual instruction to the students in her classroom.

Saunders, a talent beyond her years, has just returned from Rome, Italy where she served as an intern on the film production set of John Wick 2. “It’s something I’m incredibly interested in,” said the senior who didn’t spend all of her time gushing over stars of the film. Saunders interned under the production designer and spent her time sketching out rooms and scouting the perfect locations in Rome for particular scenes in the movie. “The catacombs were probably the coolest thing we scouted,” she says of the very unusual, insider’s tour of Italy. “Interning under Kevin [Kavannaugh] has been the experience I was looking for.”

Kavannaugh, who has art/design credits in movies like The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, The Prestige, and Nightcrawler happened to be a friend of the family and agreed to take on a high school intern for the Rome leg of the film shoot.

Saunders will use this job experience as she attends Columbia University in Chicago next fall. Inspired by her recent internship and prepared by the outstanding art program at Houston High, she plans to study production design for film.
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