Germantown Municipal Teachers of the Year have been announced

Speech given about New Teachers of the Year:

I would like to recognize three teachers who have been selected to represent our District as Teacher of the Year Candidates.

In alphabetical order, these teachers are:

Victoria Jordan, a Houston High School Chemistry Teacher, who strategically is an innovator evident by a “choice group setting” classroom technique.

This technique is simple by design.

Mrs. Jordan simply asks who is comfortable with the content and allows for them to sit together as a cohort as they go through self-directed guided questions that they can work on independently.

The other students, sitting in the other section of the classroom, admittedly have indicated they need more assistance with the content which she provides them during the class session.

The next teacher is Sue Lynn, a first grade teacher at Farmington Elementary School.

Mrs. Lynn mixes several key characteristics of a successful teacher which includes providing stability to children by having a routine, discipline measures in place and understood, essential learning targets posted and explained, but most importantly, asking questions, questions, questions that become more difficult as she goes along as she creates a learner-centric classroom.

Lastly, Corrine Martin, an 8th grade Science and 7th grade World Languages Riverdale Teacher, has been selected to represent our district with Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Lynn.

Mrs. Martin creatively uses relevance to reach students as she speaks of chemical equations and recent Hollywood celebrities who split in speaking of bonding and struggles in bonding. She furthermore is always looking for growth opportunities that include being a LEAD teacher, attending Kagan Professional Development sessions, and becoming more assertive in blending her classroom with the use of technology.

Congratulations to these fine teachers. Please enjoy the rest of your day as we appreciate all the work our teachers and staff are doing as we continue to progress towards excellence.

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