Alumni Highlights: Elliott Heck stars in new CMT series, "Sun Records"

Elliott Heck graduated in 2015 from Houston High School. Soon after graduating, Elliott landed an audition for Sun Records through his agency Colors. When the director realized Elliott could speak fluent German, he asked him to read part of the script in his first language. Being bilingual and also demonstrating great chemistry with Kevin Fonteyne, who plays Johnny Cash in the show, Elliott was given the character of Beau Stafford. The TV series, which tells the untold story of the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, “chronicles these young artists’ often jarring and sudden meteoric rise to fame in the face of sweeping political change and social unrest.” A year later, the TV show is premiering February 23, 2017 on CMT at 10/9c. To see the story behind the show, click here.

Elliott began his acting career in fifth grade at Farmington with Alice in Wonderland. From then he became a star in Houston High’s theater department as well as at Collierville’s Harrell Theater. Since recording Sun Records, Elliott decided to continue pursuing his acting dreams in LA, where he is now. Elliott recently auditioned for a show that required a bilingual, dual citizenship cast member, which he fits. Elliott has already done impressive work at such a young age, and he has high hopes that he will continue his acting career in LA.


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