Casting Call! My Teacher Has Superpowers

The Germantown Municipal School District Communications Department is partnering with Germantown Municipal Television (based out of the Houston High School’s studio) to produce a short film called My Teacher Has Superpowers. We are seeking 16-20 students grades K-12.

Those interested in participating will need to be available on Friday, February 3rd after school between 3pm and 5pm for about 15 minutes. Please fill out the survey to register for your film appearance. Those selected will be notified via telephone call on Wednesday. Applying is easy! Fill out the online application by answering the questions below:

Who was your favorite (GMSD) teacher of all time?
What grade did he or she teach?
Which school?
What did that teacher do that was special? In other words, tell us why he or she is your favorite?
In one word, describe this “super” teacher.
Describe how you might do a funny impression of your teacher (by telling us something they always say or used to say).
If a teacher could have any super power, what should they want?
What super power do you think teachers actually have?

Click here to fill out the application.
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