ACT Update for the Class of 2021

Free ACT provided to the Class of 2021: September 22 and December 12

As a result of the school closures this spring, the annual Junior ACT testing date, which would have served as the first of two free testing opportunities for the Class of 2021, was cancelled. Nevertheless, GMSD, in conjunction with the state of Tennessee, is committed in ensuring these rising seniors will still have two opportunities to receive free testing.

On Tuesday September 22, all Seniors at HHS will take the ACT during the school day at no cost. This is a new, earlier date requested by the state of Tennessee to aid Seniors in testing twice during the first semester. This date is open only to members of the Class of 2021, and those students will be registered by HHS at the beginning of the school year.

A second opportunity for our rising Seniors will come on the Saturday December 12, national testing date. GMSD will supply each member of the Class of 2021 a registration voucher that will cover the cost of testing. These vouchers will be made available to students this fall with additional information on its use for registration. While other HHS students are allowed to register and test on this date, only members of the Senior class will receive vouchers.

Though ACT is still holding registration for summer testing opportunities in June and July, out of an abundance of caution and in line with the guidance from the state of Tennessee, Houston High School will not open as a testing site for either of these dates. GMSD has determined that the most prudent action at this time is to keep our buildings closed for the safety of our students, staff, and their families.

We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy and find opportunities to enjoy your time together this summer!

Please see the FAQs below for additional information


  1. What about summer testing options? Can students test in June or July at HHS?
  • ACT is still accepting registration for summer testing; however, there is no guarantee that any testing centers will be open for testing dates
  • If a student registers for a June or July date, and the test is cancelled, registration rolls to the next national testing date
  • While Houston students often test during the summer months, HHS has yet to serve as a testing site during the summer, so this is not a departure from Houston’s current testing schedule
  1. Will students need to register themselves for the September 22nd test date?
  • No. As is always the case with the state testing dates, students will be registered by the school. No online registration is necessary, and this date will not appear on ACT’s registration site
  1. When will students receive scores from the September 22nd testing date?
  • Scores will be available between 5-9 weeks following completion of testing
  • This is a longer than normal interval between testing and reporting but was required by ACT in order to allow Tennessee to ensure an earlier testing opportunity for students
  • These scores will still be available to students before the second testing opportunity in December
  1. What is a voucher and how is it used?
  • A voucher is a form a student can use to waive the fee associated with testing
  • Students will receive the voucher - either printed or electronically – which contains a code to enter during online registration
  • Vouchers only waive the testing fee! They will not waive any fees associated with late registrations, review materials, or requests for additional score reporting
  1. How will the December ACT testing date work?
  • The December testing opportunity will work as any normal national testing date.
  • Because this is a national testing date, students must register themselves online prior to the registration deadline of November 6th
  • Seniors will use the code on the voucher during their registration process to avoid being charged for the test
  1. What about the new Individual Subject Area ACT testing?
  • We are still awaiting information on the new ACT Individual Subject Area testing originally scheduled to begin this September
  • Each of these two free opportunities will require students to take all four subject areas; no individual Subject Area testing will be available on the September date or with the use of a voucher on the December national testing date
  1. If students have testing accommodations for the ACT, will they be able to test with those accommodations?
  • Absolutely! Any accommodations afforded to individual students are applicable to any ACT testing date
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