Riverdale receives a new support group in an all-dads offshoot of the PTO--Introducing the Knight's Watch

The National Center for Education Statistics has reported that when fathers take on an active role in the education of their children, the kids learn more, perform academically better, and exhibit healthier behavior. This fact directly encourages the utilization of people often ignored when volunteer opportunities are involved: fathers.

This group of untapped potential, coupled with the eagerness of these Millennial fathers to be more hands-on parents, has given rise to a new program as twenty first century as its building, the Riverdale Knight Watch.

The Knight Watch is a formation of Riverdale Raider dads who want to help serve and better the school.

“We wanted to give dads the opportunity to lend a hand and also provide students with role models to look up to, so we created the Knight Watch.” said Kathleen Fisher, the school counselor who spearheaded the group’s foundation.

And lend a hand they certainly will. The Knight Watch is set to volunteer in various capacities throughout this upcoming school year all across campus. Some will help with bus/car lines before and after school; others will assist office receptionists by helping visitors and guiding family tours. There will be dads reading books to students, talking about their careers in the classroom, monitoring lunchroom fun.

These fathers are truly devoted to bettering our students educational experience and supporting their academic growth. To join the Knight’s Watch, contact Kathleen Fisher.
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