Houston Middle gears up to premiere its new inspiring house system

As the autumn breeze rolls in, there is a certain kind of magic in the air. This Wednesday morning at Houston Middle School teachers gathered for a big announcement.

The team working on the staff reveal of the house system did a great job making the library of Houston Middle feel like a real celebration.

Reminiscent of the beloved Harry Potter books (or a British boarding school--considering your experience), Houston Middle is establishing a “house” system for students to encourage good character and academic rigor.  And, if the program and the reveal is anything like the reveal to the teachers--the students of HMS are in for a treat!

Everyone in the school will be divided into one of four houses, all with names and traits inspired by horses--a la the mustang mascot.

Teachers are excited about the new house system.

Once students are randomly placed in their house, they will have the opportunity to earn points by demonstrating high levels of learning, performing random acts of kindness, encouraging a positive HMS culture, exemplifying good sportsmanship, and demonstrating perseverance.

There will also be team competitions throughout the year in pursuit of points. The house with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded a house cup, as well as prestige and a place of honor for their house flag.

If placed in the Percheron house, students will rock red and work to exemplify characteristics of friendship, determination, and unity. The Andalusians, adorned in HMS black, are encouraged to give the best of themselves, embrace their ambition, and be bold in their endeavors.

The bright blues in the Lipizzan house will offer their creative dreams, irrepressible optimism, and sparkling enthusiasm, and the house of Dartmoor will wear evergreen and try to showcase courage, reliability, and an adventurous spirit. All of these incredible qualities working together bring out the best in both the mustang and the students.

Several teachers were in on the fun, taking turns reporting on their work on the plan to their peers.  The art department, for example, has had art and graphic design students create stunning crests for each House.

The HMS House System will be unveiled at a pep rally next Friday, with three weeks of promotional activities to follow.  Finally, on October 3rd, the school will celebrate with an elaborate student reveal ceremony as everyone discovers their new house. Then, the competition will begin.

In addition to the House System, the school will also be instituting "Mustang Mondays" in which they will divide up into house groups to experience some character education and one on one teacher mentoring.  
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