Join us in our Mustangs Are a Good Neighbor Campaign--Please don't pick-up or drop-off in surrounding neighborhoods

Germantown, Tennessee--January 19, 2021--Join us in our Mustangs Are a Good Neighbor Campaign by reviewing the pick-up and drop-off methods.  These methods help ensure student safety as well as teach our middle school students the value of being a good neighbor.  
The safety of students is always our first priority at Houston Middle School. Your child's safety is at the root of these requests. Be sure to take all precautions when dropping off or picking up your child in the car rider line. Taking short cuts by dropping off or picking up your child in our surrounding neighborhoods or using your cell phone while in line puts the safety of our children in jeopardy. 
Here at Houston Middle School, we place a high premium on our students developing excellent citizenship.  Helping students to develop personal responsibility, respect, and integrity are an important part of the Mustang House System.
Take a few extra minutes to go through the car rider line. It is essential for the safety of our students and residences in these neighborhoods if walkers and cars stay separate. I know our neighbors would appreciate your assistance with this too.

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