Andrew Martin introduces the Marathon Kids Connect program to Germantown Elementary Schools' kids and safely promotes physical education

By Student Reporter Priyanka Phaniraj

Andrew Martin Bio PhotoAndrew Martin

Germantown, Tennessee--- August 31, 2020--

Andrew Martin, a former physical education coach and current Coordinated School Health Supervisor, brings Marathon Kids Connect to the Germantown district’s elementary schools in order to implement a fun and engaging way to promote physical activity. Currently, this program is being established in Forest Hill Elementary School and Farmington Elementary school and will continue to run in his hopes that various other schools implement it as well. 

Marathon Kids Connect allows kids to create goals and track their own progress during a running season. This is made possible through a free, online tracking app in which children may share their improvement and celebrate their exceptional effort.  For example, 20 minutes of vigorous jump roping or jogging can equal one mile, and the kids have an option to set their own goals. All participants are additionally given access to map out mileage routes in order to calculate distances and observe how far they traveled. Whether they are at home or at school, adult supervisors may also view their achievements by simply scanning individual QR codes or ID cards to track their time and distance. 

In previous years, this program helped to create and advertise multiple running clubs and other events in schools all over the country. Children have the ability to participate and keep up with personal fitness reports in their daily practices individually or as a group. As the program’s National Ambassador for the past 3 years, Andrew Martin successfully impacted the lives of at least 200 children as they greatly enjoyed staying active. This program serves as the perfect element to motivating children to keep moving and produce a healthier lifestyle. 
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