Reminder that the portal to select 2nd-semester learning modalities closes on Nov. 9 at midnight. Read our latest FAQ here.

November 5, 2020--The online portal for families to select virtual or in-person learning for the second semester is now open.  The portal will close on November 9th at midnight.  Any students who have not made a selection in the platform will be automatically enrolled in our hybrid/in-person learning model for the second semester.

Thank you for submitting your questions via Let's Talk and engaging in dialogue with our district staff.  We've assembled some Second Semester Frequently Asked Questions that came up in several of our conversations. You can view those questions here:

Will masks continue to be required for in-person learning?

My child is currently attending five days of in-person instruction. Will that continue?

For the second semester, the choices were virtual-only OR Hybrid In-person (2, 3, 4, or 5 days). Is there a five-day in-person option?

What will in-person attendance look like for 2nd semester at the high school? Will we keep the 2-day hybrid model or move to 4 or 5 days in person? Will there be virtual learning labs or will the students actually be in the classroom with their teachers?

I have heard the GMSD Superintendent talk on a YouTube video that the district has the autonomy to move away from the Shelby County Health Department recommendations on the safety and distancing rules. Is this the case? Will 6ft distance not be respected?

Am I more likely to keep the same teachers for 2nd semester if I do not change my option during the window? My student is currently 100% virtual.

What will "learning labs" look like at my child's school?

If I choose hybrid but decide a few weeks after school that my child wants to return to virtual how can I do that?

Can I change my choice of learning option prior to November 9th?

Preschool is not listed in the online portal. As a preschool parent, do I need to do anything for next semester?

Previously, we shared the Superintendent's Report with you via email. With a run-time of approximately 12 minutes, Superintendent Manuel answers questions and goes into detail about the upcoming school choice window.

Click here to view the video.

Updated frequently asked questions from the first semester about current hybrid and in-person protocols and models can be reviewed here.  Frequently asked questions about the fully virtual model can be reviewed here. The Digital Learning Student Handbook is also a good resource for those considering our fully virtual model. 

Our team is also available via the Let's Talk App if you have any questions about either virtual or in-person learning.

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