Dogwood Elementary School participates in an election between fictional characters to learn about politics

Germantown, Tennessee--November 4, 2020--Dogwood Elementary's school book character election was every bit as exciting as the presidential race.  Ms. Williams and Ms. Teel's virtual 5th graders chose the book character candidates:  Pete the Cat and Pigeon.  The student campaign teams developed platforms, slogans, and developed media ad slides to share with students.  Pete the Cat made many promises to the voters while Pigeon’s platform was minimal.   Student Colten Shorts said, "I know about politics, and I do not think that Pete will be able to follow through on all of his promises like the 10 minutes of extra of recess each day."  
The in-person 5th-grade students were the pollsters for different grade levels.  Teachers were assigned to states to allow for tallying the electoral college.  The school election allowed for mail-in absentee voting, early voting, and election day voting.  Students counted votes per region to allow an analysis of the results from the student election officials.  The results were announced over the intercom.
With his slogan of A voice you can listen to that listens to you, Pete the Cat won with 426 popular votes and 448 electoral votes.  The school is now ready to unite and work together to continue to make this a fun school year.  Ms. Williams said, "It was a great way to give students a realistic look into the election process.  They are now excited to be part of this process in the future. " 

Dogwood elementary student 1Dogwood Elementary students 2 
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